Who doesn’t love delicious food that will simply melt in the mouth?

With the many takeaways and pop-up restaurants it has definitely become a hard choice to make. But if you are looking for THE BEST, and yes we mean it- THE BEST Restaurants in Edmonton then the choice of many undoubtedly is DS Grill.

The top notch food that has been cooked carefully with much love and care is sourced from extremely fresh local produce. Not only do we aim at giving our customers simply THE BEST! But we also ensure to look after our local farmers and support them.

When looking for the best restaurants in Edmonton if DS Grill has been listed under your “near me” search on maps, you can call yourself lucky! The yummilicious food at DS Grill has been stated worth traveling the oceans! So, if you are close by, don’t forget to drop in and check out our signature dishes. They are bound to tantalize your taste buds taking them on a joy-ride you never knew possible.

The best part of our eatery is not only the top quality delicious food, but also the ambience and superb environment our space provides you with! Whether it is a business meeting or a brunch with friends, a little party or a quiet weekend dinner with your soul mate, DS Grill will be your top choice in Edmonton. Whether a tourist or a local you are bound to be pleasantly surprised by the enticing food coupled with the aesthetic environment and the love and care with which we treat each and every customer. For us, every dish matters and more importantly every customer is family!

If ever in doubt with Restaurants in Edmonton then your easiest and best choice would be to check for reviews of the best or top in town. You are most likely to zero on – US, because we can easily win the title with all the positive reviews and the happy customers we have got in the past.

What are you waiting for? Reserve your seat now and don’t forget to pitch in any customization you would require. Because we LOVE serving YOU!

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